screen enclosures columbus ga

Why Do You Want To Get Screen Enclosures?

As a home owner having your house open allowing fresh air in can be a difficult thing to do.  With windows, they can get stuck, are too high or just don’t open.  With sliding doors, you typically have them made out of glass and keeping your house doors open can cause security issues.  This is why having screen enclosures columbus ga is a good investment in your home.

What is a screen enclosure?

A screen enclosure is an areas of your home that is covered with a screen, similar to sunroom.  The screen allows for sun, wind and great views to pass through.  These enclosures are considered sunrooms and are very popular.

Indoor / outdoor furniture

When creating one of these enclosures you will want to have indoor outdoor furniture.  This furniture can get wet and is designed to be water resistant.  This furniture is typically made out of wicker and made into chairs and couches.

Enjoy the night

If you live in an area that has cool night breezes and great views of the stars, then you may want to consider a screened in enclosure.  With this screened enclosure you can protect yourself from annoying insects that come out at night to bite you.  These can include mosquitoes and fleas.

screen enclosures columbus ga

Increase resale value

One of the best parts is that if and when you decide to move you can get a greater price for your home since you have a screened in area.  With a screened in area people can host parties, sit and relax while watching the stars or simply enjoy passing wildlife that may come through your yard.

As an investment its perceived value can raise the resell value of your home greatly as well as giving you years of fun and enjoyment. 

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